The Music Set00

The Music Set

Introduce the foundations of music with real instruments that are fun to play—plus, a working metronome, music book, and song cards.



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Brain-building, music-making fun

According to some brain scientists, musical performance can be every bit as important educationally as reading or writing. From identifying patterns through color and sound, to decoding sounds that help process words, our Music Set unlocks academic benefits while building a love for music.

Key Features

  • Designed for 18 months to 4+ years old 

  • Makes learning to play easy—match notes by color or letter 

  • Uses the pentatonic scale—5 notes that always sound good together

  • 6 instruments, plus a Rhythm & Songs Book that teaches children how to create their own music

  • Stage-based Play Guide walks you through music learning at every age

Real instruments for real music learning

Pentatonic Pat Bells from The Music Set

Pentatonic Pat Bells

Tap each bell to hear notes C, D, E, G, and A. Bells can be removed from the color-coded wooden base for individual play.

Color Tab Pan Flute from The Music Set

Color Tab Pan Flute

Learn to blow and practice breath control with color-coded ribbons that show your child which note is being played.

Simple Concertina from The Music Set

Simple Concertina

Work on bilateral coordination by pulling and pressing this concertina that plays two C-major chords.

Jingle Bracelet from The Music Set

Jingle Bracelet With Wooden Handle

Shake this percussion instrument on the wooden handle or slip it off to wear around the wrists and ankles.

Loud & Quiet Stackable Shakers from The Music Set

Loud & Quiet Stackable Shakers

Stack, roll, tap, and shake this set of quiet and loud percussion instruments.

Animal Metronome from The Music Set

Animal Metronome

Explore the basics of tempo with 8 animals that represent different speeds, and a green LED light that blinks.

Rhythm & Songs Book from The Music Set

Rhythm & Songs Book

Introduce the fundamentals of music to your child with this book that makes learning rhythms and patterns fun and easy.

Color Match Song Cards from The Music Set

Color Match Song Cards

Play a song right away by color matching, or advance to reading notes with this book of familiar and original songs.

Play Guide from The Music Set

Play Guide

Find expert tips and ways to play grouped into stage-based, developmental bands that align to your child’s interest and skill.

The building blocks of music

Arts Education Consultant Joy Marilie Jackson shares the developmental benefits that come from creating a music-rich environment. See what activities you can do with your child from 18 months to 4+ years old.
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Discover The Music Set

Lovevery CEO & Cofounder Jessica Rolph gives you a closer look at the features of each of the real instruments inside The Music Set, and the lessons and benefits they bring at every age.

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