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The Play Kits

Stage-based play essentials designed by experts.

The Play Gym
Give your child the best possible start with our Parent's Choice award-winning Play Gym. Designed...
Sensory Strands
The Sensory Strands attach to The Play Gym, providing the perfect sensory toy for your baby to...
The Music Set
According to some brain scientists, musical performance can be every bit as important educationally...
The New Sibling Course Pack
Get guidance on how to prepare for and nurture brand-new sibling relationships, as well as how to...
The Potty Learning Course Pack
Get effective tools and a flexible child-led approach that prepares your child for the potty in a...
The Food Before 1 Course Pack
Safely navigate introducing solids with a flexible baby-led approach, starting with purees
The Tummy Time Course Pack
Learn why tummy time is important for whole body development, and how you can help your baby get...
The Block Set
A brilliant, practical system of solid wood blocks for building spatial, language, and...
The Montessori Playshelf
Bring the benefits of a Montessori play experience to your home with this storage shelf. Display...
Montessori Wooden Trays & Felt Baskets
Add these containers to your playshelf to encourage order and categorize materials to give your...
The Buddy Stroller
Sized just right for your toddler, The Buddy Stroller promotes pretend play and independent fun for...
Complex Black and White Card Set
High-contrast images with varying pattern complexity help develop and strengthen your baby's...
The Organic Cotton Play Tunnel
The Organic Cotton Play Tunnel is perfect for playing hide and seek. Use it as a crawl-through...
The Pull Pup
Designed to warm every toddler’s heart, this beloved pull toy is ready to roll along a floor, rug,...
Organic Nap Mat
Bring the comfort of home on the go with the 100% organic, OKEO-TEX® certified Nap Mat. The soft...
Montessori Placemat & Utensils
Your child will be so proud to set the table on their own with this helpful silicone placemat and...
Nursery Essentials Bundle
Add brilliant pops of color to your baby’s nursery and surround them with super soft, 100% organic...
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